Monday, October 17, 2011

A desperate Dad

Reading the end of John 4 there is the story of the official whose son is healed by Jesus. It is an amazing story that I was extremely challenged by. Let me relate the story. The dad leaves his son for a 2 day journey, while his son is literally clinging to life. I can't imagine leaving my son at a time like this. He travels to where he thinks Jesus will be, but doesn't exactly know where to find him. He searches for Jesus and finds him, when he makes his request that Jesus come with him to save his son. Jesus gives him a rebuffed response to him and many there around him that they want to see signs and wonders before they will believe his words. The man pleads again for Jesus to come with him to heal his son, when Jesus tells him that his son lives. The man then begins his journey back home holding only onto the words of Jesus. He is met the next day by his servants that have come to inform him that his son has recovered. He immediately inquires about the time and it was the same exact time as Jesus spoke. The official believes and so does his household that includes the servants and the boy.

I was challenged by the father's faith and courage. The faith to overcome many obstacles, fear, and doubts just to get to Jesus.

I was challenged by the response of faith by the official when Jesus didn't answer the prayer in the way that the man asked. He did not waver in accepting a different answer.

I was convicted by my treatment of sin in my life in a manner that doesn't reflect true belief and a courageous faith. The thought of being separated in my relationship with Christ because of unconfessed sin should drive me to pursue Christ and the healing forgiveness that it brings.

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