Saturday, June 5, 2010

A reckless love

I have been studying the story of the prodigal son. This passage has so come alive for me that it is often on my mind throughout the day. I love when the Lord is revealing Himself and His heart to us in these ways. I am having an OCD moment. Overwhelming Christ Disturbance. The story in Luke 15 is commonly referred to as the story of the Prodigal Son. I see the message of the gospel is that in the face of our pride filled pursuits that God has pursued us with a gracious, overwhelming, abounding, reckless love! We even pridefully think the story is about us, when it is all about God. The first parable wasn't about the sheep, it was about the shepherd, the second parable wasn't about the coin, it was about the woman looking for it. The third parable isn't about either of the lost sons, it is about the father who graciously loves His sons. It is exciting to see God working and overwhelming me and others with His gracious love. What joy we should have in sharing this story with others and see it begin tearing down their walls built up by pride.

I was at the pool today with the kids when a lady who owns a bar was pointed out to me, by an old friend, as being somebody who, "you know, really needs the Lord." It is comments like this that spur me on even more to share the incredible love of Christ, to replace the rejection and possible condemnation that was there before. I visited with her for a while and found out a little of the story that has led her and her family from Chicago to live in Tomball. As we visited she shared that she had been struggling with her health and hadn't been to work in a couple weeks. I told her that I felt God putting it on my heart to pray for her and asked her if that would be ok. She said it was fine, to which I asked is it ok if I could pray right now, which also received the response of, "its fine." I began praying for her physical healing from the great physician when I found myself boldly praying for her desire to be spiritually healed and restored to the Lord. I don't remember everything I said, but praying that the gracious love of God would work out her healing and restoration was some of what I prayed. After finishing the prayer I looked again towards the face that was once a hardened shell now softened by tears flowing down her cheeks. As soon as I finished her two sons walked up and there was awkwardness as she hurriedly regained her composure. They left shortly after, but it was amazing to see the battering ram of God's grace hit against the walls around a heart, only to see God's grace abound even more.....

That None May Boast Eph 2:8-9

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  1. Awesome! His Kingdom is near...Thank you my Lord!!


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