Saturday, March 25, 2017

Oh Peace, Peace, Wherefore Art Though Peace?

Do you feel God has extended you peace like a river today?  Most likely that is NOT what you were feeling today as it seems real peace is harder to find these days.  I remember a particular time when a sense of peace came over me so profoundly, that I describe the moment as one that felt like buckets of cold water were dumped over my head as on a hot day and ran down my body.  What was I doing at the time such peace came over me?  I was praying over a very difficult decision I had to make.  What peace are we missing out on by not bringing everything to God in prayer?  God's peace is always greater than our circumstances!

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  1. Thanks, Scott. How often we rush to our friends with all the events and feelings in our lives, forgetting that our Father has orchestrated those events and created those emotions! Just starting to understand that he wants to hear it all directly from us and that no problem, joy, sorrow, pain, is too small (or big) to share with Him. If we haven't shared it with our Father and best Friend first, we shouldn't be sharing it with any earthly friends.


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