Friday, June 17, 2016

Are we being manipulated?

In reading a book recently on emotional manipulation it identified part of the strategy of manipulaters is to create a F.O.G. of fear, obligation, and guilt that makes it difficult to resist. It dawned on me this morning, that is exactly what is happening in our nation with the Orlanda shooting. The use of this F.O.G. to get more power requires the American people to be manipulated into giving up their rights and freedoms. Hate crime legislation is aimed at removing 1st ammendment rights to free speech. Gun control legislation is aimed at removing 2nd ammendment rights and we are being manipulated to feel obligated or guilty if we don't surrender those rights. ........ This act of violence was perpetrated by a member of the gay community, Afghanistan immigrant, and Democrat. He was a regular attender of the club and was known by many through the hookup app "Grinder" as interested in men. By several accounts he was an unstable and abusive individual. Add on top of that he didn't even use an AR-15. We need to be very thoughtful as a nation before we lay down 1st and 2nd ammendment rights given non of these details are even being mentioned. The sounds good language of limiting hate speech when what classifies as hate speech and who gets to be the judge is often never considered, it is just assumed honest government with pure motives. It is a massive power grab by the government of our ability to have civil disagreements over issues and renders anyone who does not agree with the acceptance of transgenders in the bathroom and locker rooms as motivated by hate and needing to be silenced by the state. The sounds good language of closing the "terror gap" in our gun laws really does sound good until you realize there is no disclosure for who gets on the government watch list or even how to get off it. It is very much ripe for abuse and there is no due process to this removing of US citizens rights to own or purchase guns. Former liberal senator Ted Kennedy somehow got on the no fly list years ago and it took him 1 year to get the mistake cleared up even as one of the most powerful Senators at the time. Can you imagine the nightmare similar to dealing with the IRS that an ordinary person would encounter. Can you ever imagine anyone wanting to manipulate that invisible process for controlling, intimidating, or punitive purposes? The manipulation is aimed at silencing anyone who would object to homosexuality on moral grounds. The manipulation is also aimed at opening the door on controlling the guns of the law abiding citizens. Don't be manipulated! Don't allow them to terrorize you by fear. Don't be intimidated by unreasonable obligations stemming from something you are not responsible for. You are not obligated to suddenly apologize as though you had a part in this attack. It is a good time to reflect on your own heart if it has grown hard towards any of your neighbors and deal with that. But don't feel guilty if you have biblical convictions that say that there are moral standards for our behavior that sets limits on what is appropriate behavior sexually as well as the sanctity of all human life. Lastly, listening to Hillary Clinton talk about people being on the FBI watch list should not be able to buy a gun "terrorist gap", when she is actively being investigated by the FBI and is running for the president. When Hillary Clinton has received more money from countries that kill gays than any other candidate in the history of the US. You can see if you are being manipulated or not! So don't let your voice of reason and conviction be silenced by manipulation. Don't let a corrupt government take away your freedoms through manipulation. But more importantly don't let the love in your hearts grow cold towards God or one another through the manipulation by our greatest foe!

Here is a Democrat saying Due process is killing us:

Here is libs giving the shooter a pass and blaming Trump:

Here is the ACLU blaming Christians:

Monday, June 13, 2016

When Entitlement Meets Grace

We live in a world that is revealing it is turning more and more inward to self.  One of the ways this appears is the Entitlement mentality we see evidenced by peoples demanding what should be given them and a lack of gratitude for what has already been received previously.  "The world owes me!" is the motto.  Free education...owed to me as my right.  Higher wage.....owed to me because I need it, not because I have done anything to make myself more valuable to my employer.  Healthcare....owed to me as a basic right.

But what happens when entitlement meets grace.  It is an interesting thing when people who live a self centered life demand grace from others.  Grace by it's very definition cannot be deserved or earned.  It cannot be demanded or it ceases to be grace.  Imagine a child demanding a certain gift or they would throw a tantrum.  It would be a foolish parent to encourage such behavior in the future by giving in to the child.  Imagine a teenager demanding a newer car than the one already given.  It would seem a good time to take the keys away or sell the older car and let some time on the yellow bus humble them.

Grace is a gift and gifts stop being gifts when they are demanded, expected, or extorted.  Grace is always out of the generosity of the gift giver, never the merit of the receiver.  It always originates in a heart that desires to bless in a way that shows love beyond what could ever be deserved.  The Grace Guilter always tries to link Grace back to what is obligated and yet by its very definition the two are incompatible.  God actually opposes the proud, but He gives Grace to the humble.  Don't demand grace from God with threats of a "tantrum" if you don't get your way and don't demand grace from others or it will dry up your spirit through the deceitfulness of your own heart.  When Grace meets entitlement resentment grows and so does the further hardening of the heart.  God's grace and His grace shown through others is meant to be the very instrument of humbling a pride filled heart, yet entitlement prevents this beautiful process from bearing anything but more entitlement instead of humility.

Live grace-filled lives today as you reflect on this reality, God does not need to do one more thing for you to deserve your complete and total devotion.  His grace was maxxed out on the cross for you and me.

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