Sunday, April 15, 2012

Washed Clean

The Power to restore and make new again.  It is always way much harder to restore something than just start over.  I was amazed this weekend by the reality that God is able to take away all of the sin of the world and if we will trust in His work on the cross, completely remove our sin and shame.  He can make us new in an instant.  The worst and most wretched person is completely made new and clothed not in shame and guilt, but in the righteousness of Christ.  He doesn't just send us to the scrap yard, or land fill, He makes us new!  

Lord thank you that you pursued us when we were your enemies.  Thank you that you have taken my sin and shame of everything that I have ever done and removed it from me.  Washing me clean through the power of your blood.  Thank you how being washed clean enables us to feel the slightest breeze of your spirit over our lives.  Thank you for loving us enough to wash us clean and make us a new creation!

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