Friday, February 13, 2015

Bread of Life Adventures week of 2/9/15

We started a ministry of going out into the community around the church on Mondays to give away bread and pray for everyone God puts in our path.  We pray before we go, pray while driving, pray with people living around the church, and have a prayer meeting back at the church afterwards.  It has become one of the most exciting days of the week for me.  (And I dare you to go with us and tell me if it wasn't one of the most exciting adventures you've gone on in some time!)  Every Monday noon to about 4pm (you can go for as long as you want as we are just around the corner from the church at all times.)  Ok, enough inviting you to join....Here is the adventures from this week.

3 weeks ago we gave bread to a family and prayed for them in their driveway.  This past Sunday Amanda prayed to receive Christ during the service.  After AWANA's at church we visited with her boyfriend about Christ and were able to comfort him in a real tragedy that he had been through that stood as a barrier between him and the Lord.  God so softened his heart that he wept all the way to work on Monday and came to the men's bible study on Tuesday night.

While Laurie was praying at one house with the family the little dog was barking so much you could barely hear the prayer.  I began praying for the dog to be silenced and he went silent and didn't bark again!

We were able to pray with several people that surprised us how open they were to being prayed for.

We got to share the gospel with two young men that were working on surveying for a house being sold.  We gave the bread and Jesus as they visited with us for 20 minutes or so as we were able to really talk to them about how to build trust in their relationships and ultimately trust in Christ.

We ended back at the church in prayer, but during the prayer time I felt an urgency to leave and go home.  It was awkward to leave during praying together, so I hesitated.  I sensed again the Lord impressing on me an urgency to go home.  I left and headed towards home when a wreck occurred right in front of me on Hardin Store Rd.  I sensed the Lord wanted me to pray for the lady that rolled her truck, but was unharmed.  I told her I was a minister and felt the Lord wanted me to pray for her.  She immediately asked my name, I told her, she then asked what was the name of the church, I told her, she then almost snapped at me asking where it was located, I told her, then she grabbed my arm and fell to me saying, "I've been looking for a church home!!"  I prayed for her and she broke down in tears thanking me for praying.  Her name is Stacey Spalding (guess on spelling).  She literally rolled her truck in the ditch and easily could have been killed based on the damage to the truck, but she almost didn't have a mark on her from the wreck.  I thought later sometimes God has to turn our worlds upside down in order to get our attention.  Her's literally was turned upside down.  I think mine was too!

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