Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Bread of Life Adventures 3/1/16

It is such an amazing thing to see God open doors before you when sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with people.  Well, this Monday was very surprising even to me.  I am trying to fully understand all that happened, but I find I am still scratching my head as to what was the difference this week.  There is one rule in giving away bread, prayer, bibles, or other resources such as the Jesus Film DVD.  That is, don't presume to be able to judge from a distance who will and who won't be interested.  You will miss literally every time!  The day began with a couple of those humbling moments of being certain this person was not going to be interested only to encounter some of the most thankful people you could pray for.
Things really began to change when I approached a young wife and mother at the gas pump.  She was glad to receive the bread as well as the DVD and prayer.  I was about to tell her, "God bless!" and walk away when I remembered the marriage conference to invite her to.  I invited her and it opened up more discussion that ultimately led to her sharing she had recently been given her own bible and after starting to read it had alot of questions.  A conversation began about the difference between religion and relationship with God and she ultimately prayed to give her life to Christ and begin a personal relationship with Him.  Wow!  I was surprised how God had prepared her and how I almost missed it, thinking she wasn't going to be interested as she seemed more in a hurry than spiritually hungry.
I grabbed another bag of bread and DVD and headed to the young man that had pulled up on the other side of the pump.  I offered the bread that he was glad to receive and offered the DVD and prayer.  It seemed he was ready to get to pumping his gas and I was about to say, "Have a blessed day!" when he asked me a question.  I had the thought of fishing when sometimes you feel a fish has gotten off your line and then all of a sudden you feel a pull again.  I stepped back in and we talked some more.  Sensing a little uneasyness I was ready to back off again.  He still seemed interested and made a movement in my direction as I backed up, so I asked him a much more personal question, "Did he think he would go to heaven?"  He said he thought he would.  I then asked, "If God asked, you, "why should I let you in heaven?", what would you tell Him?"  He really wasn't sure.  This led to a discussion to what is our hope and how is one saved.  When asked, he wanted to give his life to Christ right there!  Wow, I almost walked away twice on this one, yet God was faithful!
I grabbed another bag of bread and went to the other end of the pumps where I spotted a young man that I was certain would not be open.  All tattooed up, and the look of a young rebel.  Come to find out he was into recording hip hop and rap.  He shared that he always prayed before he made a recording so he could do his very best.  Also shared how it seemed like maybe something was still missing though.  I began to share about the difference in knowing about someone and knowing them personally and that God desired for us to have a personal relationship with Him.  I asked him if he wanted to give his life to Christ and begin a personal relationship with Him as Lord of his life.  He said he did and we prayed right there by pump number 2 to make Jesus number 1 in his life.  Wow, I never saw that one coming AT ALL!
I had several other amazing conversations with folks that sensed God was just drawing them back to Himself and drawing them back to church.  Felt very used and thankful that I could just be used by the Lord to touch lives.  Lives that it would seem would be in too much of hurry to hear about Jesus.  Two young 20's and a 19 year old in a gas station giving their life to Christ all within a 45 minute span through a stranger.
I hope this encourages you that maybe God could use you to pray for the folks God puts in your path.  You may just need to trust the Lord to use you to pray for someone and then step out in asking if they have any spiritual beliefs.  You have a God who wants to and is able to use you if you let Him.

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