Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Who's on the Throne?

Why did Paul have to call just us fathers out in Eph 6 when he wrote for "Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger."  The verses just before were such good ones where children are instructed to honor their mother and father.  Then he turns on us dads and doesn't say anything about the moms.  What mom's can't provoke anyone?  I know I am married to a saint, but I think she has made the kids angry at least once before.  So what gives?

In talking with my son the other night, combined with reading about how their was no discouragement in Christ (read last post) because he only sought to exalt His father, it finally hit me.  When I as a father seek to be exalted in the eyes of my children instead of exalting the Lord, I set them on a path of discouragement and provoke them to anger.  Said another way.  Sometimes I enjoy sitting in God's seat for just a little while, and seek to have my own little kingdom where I can be Lord.  When someone in our home challenges my position it causes discouragement and anger in my life and in our children, because I was seeking a pride filled pursuit that God cannot bless.

When I get upset over something in my home, am I upset because I have not been obeyed, or am I concerned that my kids have disobeyed the Lord?  I would say, it is really a question of who is sitting on the throne, and I am not talking about bathrooms in the house.  It is a matter of who is Lord and who am I seeking to exalt as the head of my family.  Ephesians says in chapter 5 that the husband is the head of the family, and that is why I think 6:4 is written directly to dads.  Since the father is who God looks to as the head of the family, it is easy for fathers to desire some of God's glory and position.  We are tempted to exalt ourselves in the name of having our kids obey God.  I realized I was too slow to admit mistakes as an adult and too slow to share from my own mistakes as a child.  Two things that are quickly dismissed if I am seeking to be exalted in the eyes of my family.

Prayer: Lord I confess I have sought my own glory over yours many times in my home.  I have not modeled well for my children humility before you always, but have modeled a pride filled heart.  The struggles of my children with discouragement and anger are the fruit of my sin.  Forgive me Lord and help me not lose sight of your humility, and your courageous love you have for me and my family.  Let me courageously lead my family with the same humility seeking to only exalt my Father in heaven.  Let me not take obedience personally so as to place the focus on me, help me to use it to turn our focus back on you.  Help me to see the problem of disobedience in my life and my kids life is that we took our eyes off of you and stopped seeking to glorify you above all things!

Had to laugh at the thought I had just before posting this:
all it really does is stink for everyone in the house when dad's seek to sit on the throne.  :)

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