Monday, July 19, 2010

Our God Saves

One of my favorite songs is by Paul Baloche, "Our God Saves." Listen to it as you read this blog about seeing Ugandans trust in Christ.

On the first day that we were going hut to hut sharing the gospel it seemed as though there was a barrier preventing the people from trusting Christ. My interpreters even chided me for spending too much time sharing with individuals who were resistant to the gospel. I don't believe anyone but Alicia really saw any conversions that first day. The rest of us shared again and again only to see people not trusting either the messenger or the message.

We came back at lunch and felt the Lord needed many of us not named Alicia to be in a more humble, prayerful and God dependent mindset before opening our mouths to speak. We needed that reminder that it is not the cleverness of our words that draws people to Christ, but the work of the Holy Spirit. The level of prayer increases when you understand who it is that must convict and lead men's hearts. And we began being much more prayerful throughout our trips into the countryside. We began to see nearly every person we shared the gospel with, trusting in Christ. Whole families, multiple generations, having their eternal destiny changed by the power of Christ.

The second day began with a van ride down a single track in the dirt that veered off the main road. We traveled a good ways down this path until a muddy patch prevented further travel. The mazungu's and their translators piled out from that point. When we stepped out we were greeted by several men who seemed amazed to see all of us pile out of the van right at their huts. The men immediately began talking about their need for money to build a better road. It didn't seem they wanted anything but our money. Every one began walking off including my interpreters to head down the trail. I asked my translator if we could share with these men and an amazing group conversion resulted. Three men sat down on a log and listened to me share the gospel of Jesus Christ. It seemed they were listening intently and readily agreed that they had indeed sinned against God. When the opportunity was given to trust in Christ, you could tell they felt a little awkward with different people around looking at them. These three men had several others at a distance watching them interacting with me.

The initial answer was that they were not ready. It was then that the conviction of seeing them walking down a path that leads to death, and being offered a path that leads to life overcame me. Who would say, "no I want to walk a little while longer down this path of death" if they really understood where the path led. I shared with them why the path they were on was a path that led to death, and that I was offering them a path that leads to life. After I asked them again if there was anything keeping them from trusting in Christ today, they said there wasn't. They said they wanted to receive Christ and life.

I led them in a prayer of salvation and then asked who had really meant the prayer that they had just prayed. All three men said they meant every word and truly desired for Christ to be Lord of their life. Then the most amazing thing happened. A lady stepped out of the doorway of the hut that the men were sitting closest to and said, "I prayed the prayer also and have trusted in Christ as well!" Then another lady came out of the same hut and said the same. Then I looked at the two women who were sitting behind us the whole time and they said they had prayed along and had trusted Christ as well. Another hut and the same thing. There were 9 women in all that said they had heard the gospel message I shared with these men, and that they had prayed to receive Christ. We hadn't taken 20 steps from where the van dropped us off and I was blown away by what God had done. He really is mighty to save!!

Romans 1:16-17 I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes: first for the Jew, then for the Gentile. For in the gospel a righteousness from God is revealed, a righteousness that is by faith from first to last, just as it is written: "The righteous will live by faith."

Thank you Lord for allowing us to see that the gospel really is the power of God. That there is not a person whose sin cannot be overcome by your grace. Thank you for all of these sweet Ugandan brothers and sisters that we will see in heaven one day because of the power of the gospel to save. Amina!!

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